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For over twenty years, Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFPF) has been working with volunteers, sharing skills and techniques to help them become effective advocates, mobilizers, and leaders in their community.

By giving people the tools and knowledge they need to become more engaged in their communities, AFP Foundation is backing Americans across the country working to deliver real, lasting solutions to the country’s biggest challenges.

Your Donation Supports:

  • AFP Foundation has a long-term, grassroots presence in 35 states.
  • 3.2 million engaged citizens form the backbone of our organization, working within their communities to remove barriers to opportunity, so that everyone can succeed by creating value for others.
  • AFP Foundation has two projects dedicated to messaging to two distinct communities—Hispanic Americans (through The LIBRE Institute) and U.S. military veterans (through Concerned Veterans for America Foundation). These projects share AFP Foundation’s vision, mission, and infrastructure but use unique messaging and strategies specific to their respective audiences.
  • Advanced outreach technologies and state-of-the-art data collection allows our organization to effectively reach our audience and better tailor our message and programming.
  • Over 400 staff members at both the national and state level provide critical leadership in support of our mission to advance a culture of freedom.

Will you stand with us as we work toward this goal?

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